It’s Time To Speak Out With your Geek Out!

It's time to Speak Out With Your Geek Out.

Game  designer  and author Monica Valentinelli ( got fed up with negative geek stereotypes, about people hiding their geekery or being made to feel ashamed about it.  Out of this evolved Speak Out With Your Geek Out.

Here's what you do:

Sometime on the week of September 12th, from Monday to Friday (the 16th) post about what geeky hobby you love – and why someone should try it.  No rants, or edition wars, or negativity – be POSITIVE.

It's time to show people the power and positivity of our interests.

That's it.  And you can guess I'm bang alongside this.

You can bet I'm participating as this is exactly what Fan To Pro is about – positive geekery (in our case, careers).  I strongly, emphatically encourage you to participate this and to spread the word.

Steven Savage