News Of The Day 9/12/2011

The week begins! Do we have yet another market-transformative news announcement? Read on . . . because we got two.

Show some love – the job site won't allow discrimination against the unemployed.

Temps aren't seeming so temporary anymore. I'd also note there's probably paralysis due to fear/concern.

Barry Ritholtz agrees with the New York Times that market volatility is the new normal – because he said it nearly a month ago. Of course he's right, so the question is will people adapt to this situation?

DC sells out 27 issues of the new 52. Not sure how many they printed, but this is obviously going to get attention. Too early to call it a success or failure or anything frankly, but it's interesting to watch . . .

MUST READ: Amazon is looking at a 'Netflix for Books' for members of Amazon Prime, an interesting idea, even if its one publishers sound leery on. This could easily be the "killer app" on top of the other killer apps Amazon offers. However I see publishers being cagey. Either way publishers, writers, and media types need to follow this trend – and it could mean more opportunities at Amazon (or a competitor).

There's some great analysis on the Amazon potential at Wired.

Video Games:
MUST READ:Gamestop will have a certified android gaming tablet on the way. Win for them – they get to sell tablets with all sorts of deals, yet don't have to make them. This also ties into their streaming service. Sounds like a decent idea overall. Oh and of course, it'll be on Android.

In case you didn't notice, 'Angry Birds' is really popular and is going megamedia. This article gives you a great overview – and notes that with it's next round of funding, Rovio is hugely valued. I'd follow them merely for the opportunities – but also for what people can learn about media/game successes.

MUST READ: A look at the tax breaks available to video game companies. Though there's a few snarky elements, it's a good article to help you realize how game companies have benefitted from many breaks. Certainly eye-opening, and now that this is in the public eye, it may get controversial – or get a boost.

We haven't heard from DeNA in awhile – they just bought Punch Entertainment in Vietnam.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Has Gamestop done a job of branding – or are they doing more, looking to be a seal of approval?

Steven Savage