News Of The Day 9/23/2011

And what's on tap for Progeeky news? Let's take a look.

As noted, Meg Whitman is in charge of HP. It also appears she won't be making many or any changes to the course Apotheker set, which is kind of stupid as they were the problem. This article also points out she may not be the best choice anyway.

I have my doubts about Whitman, largely formed from her failed political campaign, and am concerned some of her past success isn't relevant (or is overrated). Also I have the feel this is a kind of "stunt CEO," a candidate meant more to be good PR than do a job, which is unfair to the company and to her quite frankly because she's being asked to take on a task that may not be up her alley.

My take? Bad call. I'd keep HP on your "don't-go" list. Secondly if HP truly tanks, then it's going to ripple throughout tech.

Intriguing: Media Participations, a big french publisher, is trying a Kickstarter like funding method. Why? The author of this small article notes that iif fans will fund things they save money (in fact if fans don't fund things it may save money). Sounds oddly cynical in some ways.

Meanwhile with DC's 52? Well, I've not taken a look at the comics, but I'm hearing a lot about sexism and odd sexualization, which includes Batman and Superboy. It feels like the fanservice is jacked up to 11 here, which suggests DC seems to very much know what they're doing – and don't care.  If this trickles into their other properties, then I sense serious demographic changes (and failures).  I've got an unsurety vibe from DC, so watch that career-wise.

Social Media:
A roundup of the Facebook changes which to me are too-much too-soon. It seems like Facebook is desperately trying to be relevant by doing everything, and it's a bit much in my opinion. This doesn't have a precise feel about it. Someone speculates a social split may be coming and Facebook is the new AOL.

More details on The Dish Netflix competitor which isn't bad for $10 bucks – and mostly seems to be part of creating synergy with their existing service. That's a smart move, and may at least keep people from going to Netflix (which currently is a problem). As "Kill Your Cable" continues this sounds like it's got more appeal. Check these guys out, career-wise.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, what the hell IS DC thinking?

Steven Savage