News Of The Day 9/28/2011

Absolutely nothing happened today. If you believe that, then you're really way too trusting.

Amazon's New Tablet And Everything Else

Well first of all there's the Techmeme Roundup. But yes, Amazon made all it's product announcements today, and that includes the "Kindle Fire" tablet.

  • The Prices? $199 for the Kindle Fire, $149 for the Touch 3g, $99 for the Touch, and $79 for the regular Kindle. Amazing price points, and I think the regular Kindle just became the easy-to-give gift at that price rate. I would not be surprised if some of these were loss leaders.
  • That price? It undercuts the iPad pretty far. Apple (and B&N) are clearly in their sights. Also, it's cheap enough people may buy it AND use other devices – think about that for a moment . . .
  • Why this isn't an iPad killer makes some good points about it.

A look at how the Tablet is really a store makes a good point. Similar thoughts here – it's a shopping kiosk and media device that lets you play Angry Birds.

  • Amazon's plans don't extend outside of the U.S. at this time. Put's them at a disadvantage against others.
  • The 'Silk' browser does some of it's processing in the cloud – I do not like that as it makes the browser dependent on Amazon, and that may be too far for many sites, companies, ad providers, etc.
  • Comics:
    Looks like ComiXology is on the Fire. Not surprising, but recall that Amazon wants this to be a consumer device, and they're already there with a comics app. This could increase/accelerate reading and interest in comics – and makes ComiXology a potential gategeeker.

    A look at Yahoo's latest strategies. Most interesting to me is the focus on an ecosystem – which of course is inevitable (and mores in light of today's announcements).

    RIM not as doomed as we thought?  It gets more complicated with Ichann involved.

    Sony expands and improves it's video on demand service. Video service, check. Music service, check. Games, check. Sounds awful ecosystem to me.

    Video Games:
    What Kindle Fire means for game developers – nothing surprising, but a good round-up.

    Consoles will be around for awhile, says GameStop. Gives us an idea on their plans.

    QUESTION OF THE DAY:What story is being eclipsed by the Kindle Fire.

    Steven Savage