T-8 Days: Conversion Experience

8 Days until "Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers" is out!

So today, I ask myself – how I'm going to move to eBooks.

PDF?  Easy.  Open Office does it a treat, compatable, simple, effective.

ePub or Kindle?  Well now we get into crazytown.

As noted earlier, Lulu and Amazon now allow one to convert documents, which sounds great, except I would have to learn new systems.  And test the results.  And possibly redo things. And . . .

I went through conversion engines a few times, and beyond Smashword's Meatgrinder, I'm not exactly happy with them.

But . . .  well I have to look at them in case.  To see if they'll work.  If they'll make things easier (especially at Lulu, which has expanded their eBook opportunities).  Just to be sure.

The odd thing is that this is easier because I like to write, so I'm always tweaking things or putting books out.  I'd hate to think what'd happen if I did this, say, yearly.  I'd go through rampup each time.

So, onward, I got some conversion packages to examine . . . you know.  In case.

Steven Savage