News Of The Day 10/14/2011

Classics come to iOS and Android, some coziness among people in copyright issues, and a lot more! Diverse geek news today!

Looking for a job at google? Here's the process. Enjoy.

What 8 Top CIOs look for in employees to give you some more ideas.

A very useful guide to the "why" of the anger behind Occupy Wall Street and other movements. When you look at things over time, it helps one get a picture – and understand why we'll need to pay attention to the movement. It's because of various economic conditions – and the response to it can have a significant effect on our economies.

At LayOffWatch They're convinced more layoffs are coming.

Geek Law:
The Copyright Czar had some cosy relations with hollywood, music, and ISPs. Read the whole thing – makes me mildly uncomfortable, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more of this in the future (and possibly in lawsuits).

Anime and Manga:
Sailor Moon Volume 1 goes back for a reprint. That's going pretty well – and good for Kodansha. Might encourage them to release more . . .

My theory is DC is throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. As they're putting comics in cereal boxes I feel entirely justified in this statement. I'm going to caution working in DC or affiliated parts of Time/Warner as I really am not sure what they're up to – and I think neither are they, that's the point.

How a Reddit thread turned into a story that got optioned as a film. I can't make this up. Worth reading as it may give you ideas, as well as envy.

Sony Ericson plans to go all-smartphone. Good opportunity if you work in smartphones, and you might be able to take advantage of the transition. I wonder if feature phones will really die off in the next few years.

Ebooks may be good for books that didn't quite make 'classic status'. Thought-provoking, and exemplifies how ebooks may maintain or even give life too otherwise forgotten works.

OK, Hulu is not selling itself. Not much detail here. I still have no idea, so where they go may affect other businesses and possibilities – and needless to say they're not the best employment choice.

Video Games:
GTA III coming to iOS and Android. Big news – a big name like Rockstar moving a classic title to mobile OSes? Huge, and might indicate a path others could follow. This one will also be watched to see how classics do on new devices and if there's money in it.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What other classic games do you think would do well on mobile OSes?

Steven Savage