News Of The Day 10/17/2011

Say goodbye to IPOs, hello to a new social network, and a big wet kiss for a new publishing opportunity! It's geek news time!

A gander at the level of debt of different countries, just to help keep things in perspective.

Those big IPOs? Probably gone for good.

There is probably a 4th Transformers film. Er. Yeah. Well they did make money.

Amazon signs authors directly. This is pretty big because it cuts out publishers (who have their own problems), gives the authors what is likely a bigger cut (which is nice), and promotes Amazon's services. This is likely a very big shift for Amazon, and may well mean they broaden their unique content offerings. Meanwhile, just what are publishers going to do . . .

Social Media:
Meet the Facebook/Twitter/Digg/etc. competitor Not much to say about it, but we'll see how it does – may be worth exploring for now.

Big new for YouTube – pairing videos with a merch store for musicians. Sounds good – potentially profitable, and it transforms Youtube into something more. Probably a good move on Amazon's part – now a question here is how far this extends to smaller names and independents . . . since if anyone can eventually get into this it could be big.

RIM apologizes to its remaining customers with $100 of free apps.

Video Games:
Professor Layton no longer exclusive, gets new iOS game. This is big as this is a well-loved (and deservedly so) franchise mixing puzzles and enchanting characters. Of course this brings up the question of who else is waiting to make the leap – and if this is the breach in the damn.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you think publishers will react to Amazon's new deals?

Steven Savage