News Of The Day 10/27/2011

Kobo's in publishing, Sony takes over for Ericsoon, and more moves in many industries!

Talent Scotland discusses 500 jobs created by Avaloq. Scotland has serious geekonomics going on, and as always, keep an eye on them.

Kobo is going to become a publisher. Interesting move overall, and will also be worth watching to see what happens to publishers. I also wonder what having a Canadian device-publisher combo is going to mean – oh, and tell me that someone purchasing or partnering with, say, Lulu could be interesting.

HP is going to keep it's PC division. Well, that's good I guess. I'm still not sure of HP's direction.

Ericsson is leaving Sony Ericsson by selling it's take in the mobile phone maker. Pretty much what was there is going to be adsorbed into the larger body of Sony. I'm curious as to what this may spawn opportunity-wise, so keep an eye on it!

RIM is apparently trying to save itself with integration and video. I dunno, I'll see, but at least there's a plan.

Video Games:
EA continues to restructure for the future – it's Origin service will host 3rd party games. Big news for EA and it continues their growth.

Nintendo has it's first annual loss. I'm sure they'll recover, but . . . damn.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So what's the future of Sony's not-Ericsson future?

Steven Savage