News Of The Day 10/28/2011

A bit of a slow day – but with some interesting stuff.

DirectTV takes its court case with News Corp to the FCC. Not surprising, but remember they're taking on a big company (though my guess is they see News Corp as beleaguered right now). This is one to watch as its about some rather interesting distribution deals – and of course anyone versus News Corp is news indeed.  Makes me wonder how many lawyers can specialize JUST in media distribution law . . .

Social Media:
Groupon doesn't exactly seem straight up with their math. Again, plenty of red flags about the company.  I am going to be frank – I think they need to be avoided both for employment and investment, they're clearly on the decline and this smells funny.  Also if they take a big hit or have a lousy IPO you can guess that's going to scare everyone else off for awhile – which may be good.

OK, HP is out of computers, then in, and now it's going after the Macbook Air. Well, not a bad target, so let's see what they've got . . . but still I'm not sure about them. On the other hand the move to Windows 8 tablets is a promising no-brainer for them.  Of course maybe right now HP just needs to shut up and do smart stuff – but I'm still iffy.

Google TV is-a-changing. Look I thought it was pretty neat to start – so this is promising. However I wonder if this timing is also due to Apple's sudden crisis.

Video Games:
Classic RPG Wizardy Reappears on the iPhone. I recall this series from the first game, and it probably does well with a lot of old school revivals. Wonder what else could be recycled from way back when . . .

And finally life imitates 'The Simpsons.' I got nothing.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, what truly old school games do you want back?

Steven Savage