Survery Sunday Roundup: Game Machines Next

So last week you were asked "Game machines seem to be changing, assuming more and more functions. What do you think the future of gaming devices is?"

And our results?

Not exactly what I expected

  • 25.0% – Much the same as it is now, with a few other features like social media.   
  • 50.0% – They'll take on other media tasks but remain distinct. 
  • 50.0% – They'll eventually be replaced with computers, tablets, and media consoles.
  • 0.0% – They'll fragment into various devices.
  • 0.0% – They'll be crushed by "non-gaming" devices that are really good at games.
  • 25.0% – They'll merge into other computing devices.   
  • 0.0% – Other (explain below)
  • 0.0% – I have no idea.

I saw an odd split that overall gaming machines will either be distinct – or pretty much go away, with really no middle ground.  Maybe there is no middle ground, but your responses were interestng.

We did have one comment:

"Gaming devices I don't think will fragment. Gaming itself, though, will. A dedicated gaming device will draw people, at least for the next decade. (My crystal ball takes the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel past that.) However, gaming will expand to other platforms, including ones that weren't designed with games in mind. However, social interaction will grow; it'll be a rare game that doesn't support cooperative or competitive play."

Steven Savage