T-2 Days: On Screw-Up Patrol

Well it's all ready; books, websites, etc.  Things are queued and ready to go.  Editing done.  I'll push the button tomorrow and announce everything to the world.

So what am I doing tonight?  Murder Board.

No, the Murder Board is not a weapon in a video game, but it's at term for people whose goal is to find out what's wrong with an idea.  Me, I'm a one-man Murder Board, in that I can seriously come up with many ways to figure what's wrong.

Tonight, I'm on screw-up patrol.

This is a weird time, since I should have some sense of achievement, but mostly I'm looking for last-minute problems.

But it's coming: "Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers."  Look for it tomorrow!

Steven Savage