To those of you working on your resumes . . .

Stop underselling yourself.

I'm serious.  I see a lot of resumes, and I'd honestly say 95% of them undersell the person in question.  Come to think of it, I rarely see a resume that's "just right."

So look, right now you can and do more than you think:

That one-off task on your last job still taught you a lot.

That hobby you have (hint, hint), probably taught you a lot of skills.

Those courses in college you don't think you're using, you may actually be using (take it from a Psych major).

So folks, let me plead – stop underselling yourself.  There's more to you than you realize.

This is one of the things that I see too much of in progeekery – we, the fans, the geeks, the otaku, who do so many things, never appreciate it.  Maybe if we stopped for a moment we'd see we could say a bit more about what we do, that we are a bit better than we think.

Steven Savage