News Of The Day 11/14/2011

The Kindle Fire is out and . . uh . . . wait . .

Kindle That Fire:
Oh, look – The Kindle Fire and relatives are shipping early. Very simply it's big news.

There are reviews all over for the Fire Wired, Engadget, and Gizmodo). What I'm hearing is that it's not bad, not spectacular, basically a media portal, but a decent if limited creation.

Frank Miller shoots his mouth off about OWS – and people fire back verbally. To be brutally honest, Miller seems to have gotten increasingly weird over the years (I think 9/11 seriously affected him), and this could indicate a problem for him, or indeed become one. This may affect other projects, and is a good reminder that the public eye is a lot more public (this is why I'm expecting "Ender's Game" to start having some problems).

Things That Make You Wonder:
Apparently there is a Doctor Who film, and David Yates is tapped to produce apparently. It sounds disconnected from the series, so I'm wondering 'WTF' myself here.

Video Games:
Zynga launches 'Castleville' and plush toys. They're keeping up the 'ville' franchise (with what appears to be a touch of Disney and RPG). The mercy though intrigues me since it's a reminder of how their games are a cultural phenomena.

Minecraft is going gold. So you have something to do when taking a break from Skyrim.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, any surprises at the Kindle Fire review?

Steven Savage