A Reminder Of Why You Geeks, Nerds, Otaku, and Fanpeople are Important.

Let me note that SOPA is a reminder of why you, the geek, the fan, the otaku, are important.

SOPA was and is  a grand illustration of ignorance, greed, and stupidity.  It would  destroy a great deal of freedom, was a legal and technical nightmare, and contained so much wrong it'd be hard to describe (fortunately others have done this for me).

Of course we geeks knew this.  Tech geeks could see where this was dangerous technically and security wise.  Culture geeks saw how this could destroy sites and communities.  Artistic geeks could see their livelihood curtailed or destroyed.  We knew in short it was REALLY BAD.

An awful lot of geeks rallied to give congress what-for, and are continuing to do so.  They do this because they get how things work – and know what's happening.

This is why you matter.  I don't care if you're the CEO of a big company with a secret love of Shojou anime or a lone gamer geek working in fast food.  You are important to how this world runs.

Yeah, you.

This is one of the reasons I do this career blog – because I want geeks maximizing their potential and opportunities, I want them participating in the economy, I want them making gobs of money in fulfilling careers.  I want this so they are participating in the world.

Because we know how things work.

Because we build new things as we are driven.

Because we "get things" passionately and because we care.

The world needs us geeks, it needs a kind of literati class of working brainiacs, it needs people who are truly intimate with culture and technology.  In our jobs and careers and lives we can make a difference – as long as we're active, and engaged.  In the case of this site, we focus on employed.

Because if you're a working geek you can change the direction of a company or business or industry – or team up with others to do it.  Because when you have money and aren't worried about feeding yourself you can focus on changing the world.

That's why were here.  That's why I'm here.  You geeks are important and we need you.

And I want make sure you have the time, job, and cash to make the difference you can make.

So when you look at SOPA, at stupid laws, at badly written programs, and inefficiencies that crash economies, at science that can change the world, remember this – the world needs you.

Us?  We'll be here helping you get and stay engaged in the economy and the geekonomy so you can do something with your geekiness.

Steven Savage