Kindle Fire Sputters A Bit And Other News

Looks like the Kindle Fire's launch hasn't exactly had everyone happy with the touchscreen, the browser, the speed, etc. There is a update coming for the software at least.

I find this entirely understandable – as I recall the early Kindle reviews weren't exactly enthusiastic. Plus I think Amazon rushes this thing faster than they needed to – it has the feel of something that's really a good beta.

Meanwhile Barnes and Noble's Nook runs Netflix, which positions it well against the Kindle – but also is important for Netflix to recover (or stabilize) from the series of hits it has taken. This friendship might not last as B&N is supposedly working on their own digital video service – so there's a chance Netflix could take anotherr hit down the road.

I'm actually not buying B&N doing their own digital video. The investment for a risky payoff in a weird market is too mismatched, and it would end up making them enemies. B&N has played this smart – and that wouldn't be.


  • Amazon is taking some hits on this, but I don't think it derails the Kindle – but it does look like they rushed it and they may be a bit vulnerable.
  • B&N not only hasn't given up, they keep going. They may become "the resistance," which could play well to many.
  • Writers need to get their stuff on both devices (which, I assure you , is not as easy as it sounds).

Steven Savage