Survey Sunday Roundup: Black Friday Confessions

So did you participate in Black Friday or not?  Here's what our readers said . . .

1. OK, Black Friday has happened and come and gone, as did it's usual pre-and-post Friday deals. Let's be honest – did you buy anything?

  • 20% – Yes – And I don't care who knows it.
  • 0% – Yes – And I am ashamed.
  • 0% – I'm not sure, actually – with all those deals and all.
  • 20% – No – And I'm ashamed I didn't use those deals.
  • 60% – No – And I'm proud of it.

And what did our commenters say?

  • No, though it's starting to creep north of the border. ("AHAHHAA.  We're destroying your Christmas now to!' – Steve)
  • There's no way I will go into a frenzied crowd without having a suit of planet mail and a mace (and not the pepper spray kind of mace, either). Me and crowds, we don't get along. ("Planet mail sounds like awesome armor.  I want a +12 Jupiter Mail." – Steve)
  • No, I was broke.

Sounds like most of us didn't participate – by a hair.  I also admit I'm wondering how well Black Friday can do with the continuing economic problems – and what next year's will bring.

2. If you did buy something on Black Friday and it's surrounding deal days, what was it?

And here's where it got weird – those who did buy (and admitted it) got Televisions or television-related systems.  That's it.  Nothing else.

So what do I take from this?  Well, Black Friday sucks, and if any of us are going to break down it's gonna relate to televisions.

Steven Savage