Universal Music Group, Youtube, and More

Let's try and work this out here.

First, Universal Music Group filed takedown notices over a video promoting Megaupload.  This video included several music stars in it, and was basically about, well, how good Megaupload was.  This would seem to be abuse of the DMCA, but . . .

So apparently Universal Music Group had the video pulled because they claim they have an agreement with YouTube.

So by now what looks to be one thing may be another, Universal is claiming a secret agreement with Google, and a judge probably really wants some tylenol.

You want to follow this story because it deals with, well, a ton of stuff:

  • Is there an agreement with YouTube?  If there is this could get very ugly for YouTube and Google.
  • If Universal is B.S.ing and dragging YouTube into it, there's going to be more love lost between the Google Empire and big media – if there's any left.
  • This may indicate a method of fighting intruisive claims – because MegaUpload is milking the publicity for this.
  • We might be entering a new phase of copyright/takedown battles with this, SOPA/PIPA, and more.  Having recalled the days when Metallica decided to annoy everyone and the entire download/copying wars flared up the first time, it feels similar to me.
  • This means potential economic shifts and business changes.  If you don't think fallout from this will affect your job, you're quite incorrect.

Steven Savage