Steve’s News Roundup 1-23-2011

Man have we got a lot of news. So I'm going to pull a Scott and do a roundup.

Netflix Replaces Marketing Chief which is understandable considering. TAKEAWAY: I'm still concerned about Netflix, yet still positive, though this is a merely "understandable" move.

There's a move to toughen EU privacy rules so data breaches have to be reported within 24 hours. Its a bit fuzzy, but I see it as a good move. TAKEAWAY: If this passes, expect similar policies to come up in other countries – and for it to get bogged down with insane riders in the US.

A great, serious look at piracy on the internet, and a stark example of how creating new legitimate distribution methods pays off. A good read.

RIM's CEO doesn't see the need for a drastic change. TAKEAWAY: RIM is still in massive trouble.

Nimble plans to go after Salesforce with an integrated social contact tool. TAKEAWAY: Send 'em a resume.

Barnes and Noble is ambitious enough about the book they see it as a family device. TAKEAWAY: That's a pretty smart move – and gives them a focus.

The holiday saw a surge of tablet and eBook overship TAKEAWAY: Duh.

Steven Savage