News Roundup for 1/3/2012

Asus' new Transformer will run Ice Cream Sandwich, leading to an obvious visual joke in the article, but opening the opportunity for Team Fortress Sandvich jokes as well. Anyway, yes the new Power Tablet is going to get the next iteration of Android. However more interesting than that is the fact Asus recognizes the modder community and is working on a tool to undo the secure/firm bootloader – a quick turnaround. I think I'm gonna have to get me one . . .

This is also further embrace of the modder/hack community, a trend that I think had its most public showcasing with the Kinect. It's one to watch (and encourage – great marketing)

RIM is considering new chairmen, which is a good strategy in the "stop sucking" effort they need to make. However I still vote they're too far gone and see them shrinking to something that actually works, or getting bought. In short yes – If you work there look to get out.

Indie game Bastion sells over half a million copies. I'm biased – it was a great game and worth every penny. It also is a good example of an indie success story and worth following.

Weird – A drop off on Star Wars: The Old Republic sales in the UK. I won't jump to any conclusions – it's one market in one demographic. I do however want to watch this because it's a big-budget, big-name game. I am hearing good things from people already . . .

Steven Savage