Economic News Roundup 2/3/2011

Oh what a lot of juicy economic news we have.

The latest NFP report on employment is surprisingly good.

A NY Lawsuit over MERS could get very complicated and may push some of the banking issues into/back into public conciousness.  Read the whole thing.  I'm still waiting for MERS issues to explode, and despite conflicting policies on the state and federal level, something's going to give.

Layoffs may be coming at Microsoft.  Rumor stage, but worth watching (and a thought – if it is coming this is a good time to do it and hope for not too much press).  Do I see it as a real deal?  I can't say either way, but the area of layoffs make sense.

MUST READ: A look at unemployment that answers the big questions people have.  Just go take a look and analyze (for instance, education affects your chance to be unemployed, but not the duration).

Steven Savage