Hollywood Reporter Interviews Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd, the MPAA chief speaks to the Hollywood Reporter.

There’s a few takeaways:

In case you didn’t know, former lawmakers can’t lobby on Capitol Hill until two years have passed since leaving office. Dodd pretty much noted he’s still talking to people – just not former colleagues.

But people call me all the time, and I have to remind them that I can’t talk to them about certain things, but I can talk to the White House, I can talk to ambassadors, I just can’t talk to my former colleagues. So I’ve stayed away, though I still go up and get a haircut from the barber in the Capitol building.

Note the “ambassadors” part and think about the international politics of copyright law and such. It’s also obvious Dodd’s still doing some flesh-pressing and will probably go nuts once the two years is up. ¬†Look out for next year (or look to see what non-lobbying-lobbying is going on now)

The Hollywood Reporter: Are there conversations going on now?

Dodd: I’m confident that’s the case, but I’m not going to go into more detail because obviously if I do, it becomes counterproductive.

The Hollywood Reporter: Did you feel personally blindsided by Obama over SOPA?

Dodd: I’m not going to revisit the events of last winter. I’ll only say to you that I’m confident he’s using his good relationships in both communities to do exactly what you and I have been talking about.

Clearly there’s something coming up for post-SOPA, SOPA and he’s awful dodgy. Of course the problem last time was SOPA was pure backroom dealing, so it sounds like no one’s learned anything.

Dodd mentions that he’s working to improve the image of Hollywood (Indeed, he says he’s going to Indie festivals and more). Frankly, it probably is needed.

What I don’t sense a lot here is a clue about people’s anger, concerns, or issues with the MPAA and their like.

Steven Savage