Sunday Morning Geekonomics

Well I’m up early, had to call people for Father’s Day, and of course, check in on the economic news.

First, the Greek elections are happening – again – and this pretty much determines the fate of the country, the Euro, and the world economy.  A BBC roundup is here.

I’m not exactly enthused about the chances for this to work out – my suspicion is that everyone involved wants to keep kicking this can down the road until there’s some kind of soft landing or until the rest of the world economy picks up.  No one wants to be the one holding the bag when/if things melt down, so I’m not seeing a lot of political courage here.

Barry Ritholz has a delayed column on the housing market, and he’s got some interesting analysis.  In general the housing market seems to be depressed for awhile – he says 3-5 years, I’m betting in some areas as high as 10.

– Steven Savage

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