Link Roundup 7/29/2013

Another day, another round of links for Makers, Profans, Applied Geeks, and more!  Too many for a series of posts, so let’s get to it!


A nice article on a Maker-positive household.  Which sounds like a geek-positive household.  Which it kind of is anyway.  You get the idea.


There’s a lot of not-so hot roads and structurally deficient bridges in the US.  Now if we could get say, a large program to fix those and maybe boost the economy as well . . . also may be worth looking into this if you’re going to relocate.


Spike Lee’s list of the Greatest Films Ever Made.  Food for thought for you film buffs, and I don’t see much to argue with.


Amazon and are in a price war.  Yeah, you can kind of guess the results.  Still kind of gutsy for Overstock to start this.  Think anyone else will take on Amazon?  At anything?

Also I heard Amazon is going to do more hiring.  Keep it in mind.


Yes there’s a petition to kill off the UK’s stupid censorship firewall idea.  There’s in fact, several.  Also David Cameron is an idiot, but you knew that.

Forrester notes Chromebooks may be viable for the Enterprise.  There’s a boost to cheaper books and systems right there.  But are they right?  I think there’s some viability in the broad concept (and wonder if we could see a move to “throwaway” systems).

Video Games:

Let’s take a look at what doing indie games takes – and not just money.  Not exactly a heartfelt rallying cry, but food for thought.

– Steven