News Roundup 7/26/2013


College appears to be in a kind of peak, which should affect colleges. The for-profits (which seem to be the worst deals) look to be taking a hit as well. Let’s see how/if colleges adjust to this reality.


Sharknado is getting a theater release. No, really. As for what this says . . . well, yeah. No I’m not sure, but I’m sure someone will try and imitate this success and fail.


Google has shown another Living Room device – a kind of meeting system. It looks like the living room really is the site of the next big battle. Be ready for it – if you’re in any form of IT it’s going to affect you.

Is Microsoft on a long, slow decline? Is it getting irrelevant? Here’s some numbers to think about. Also consider this in light of the Google announcement and the XBox One – is the living room a must-enter market for them? Keep this in mind if you work in technology, a Microsoft decline is going to change the landscape.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron thinks he can have a hackhaton to create a porn filter, missing many, many points. Note however that the “hackathon” idea is now in the heads of reactionary panderers.

Also Mr. Cameron’s dream filter would censor plenty of other things:

Video Games

One game developer gives up on the industry. Food for thought?

– Steven