Link Roundup 9/26/2013

What’s been up today?

  • First, let’s get to a chance to help out.  Want to do some good for people in need? Help crowdfund a 3D printed prosthetic hand.  It’s a chance to crowdfund production of this low-cost device, and if you want you can even get one for your own medical need, research purposes, or just to do some good.
  • Looks like our own Scott may be busy – there’s some evidence/rumor the next Superman film will have Wonder Woman.  That may sound crazy but not any crazier than inserting some Dark Knight into it – and recall Superman is traditionally vulnerable to magic, and is currently hooked up with her in DC’s universe.  Even if it’s not a launching of a film just a well done Wonder Woman would be something.
  • Speaking of films, Pacific Rim had it’s problems in the states, but was the highest grossing original live action film of the summer.  A bit of a feather in its large, mechanical cap, and maybe some hope it (and original properties) may get some love.  Something to jump in on and pay attention to, writers and media types.
  • At some point we might be watching Pacific Rim on Hulu, and people might complain about the adds – though there’s a reason behind that and they might go away.  Plenty telling – and yeah, Netflix ix clearly in the crosshairs.  Might present some career options as they ramp it up . . .
  • Of course while viewing things at home on Hulu, maybe you’d be interested in having a highly integrated household with climate control, etc.  Nest is on it, providing some interesting opportunities – and maybe employment opportunities.  I think this could get too hackable, but do see possibilities for energy efficiency.
  • Finally some good networking advice – help connect people together to build your contacts and support network.

– Steven “Leave Ben Affleck Alone” Savage