News Roundup 9/4/2013


Even Baidu is getting in on SmartTV.  This is going to cease to be a trend and just be a norm at this rate.  So who’s next?

Internet Propaganda battle?  China’s president wants one and is sounding awful insular (and in campaign mode).  Could be interesting, and is another case showing how publicity and internet awareness affects politics – makes me wonder if they’ll try news channels as well.


People leaving California are affecting the politics of where they move.  Interesting little demographic tidbit there that provides some insight on what mobility means for politics.


Indie director Randy Moore filmed his psychological horror film Escape From Tomorrow – where a man who’s just been fired starts to hallucinate while visiting Disney World – in the actual Disney parks without permission. He took the results to Sundance and found a distributor, which is now publicizing the film with a poster featuring a bloody Mickey Mouse hand and the trademark Disney font. Which is pretty much triple dog daring the House of Mouse to file a lawsuit – thus guaranteeing the film and its director ultimate publicity.


100 makers you should be following on Twitter.

Video Games:

Paid storage for your Pokemon – online?  Oh come on guys, just give us the MMO.  You know you want to.  Actually, worth seeing what Nintendo does with this because I do think Pokemon is inching towards PSO/MMO type gaming.  At that point Nintendo can just sit back and make money forever.

– Steven Savage