Link Roundup 10/5/2013

And here’s what’s been up in the world . . .

Wondered where the Hastag came from?  Now you can find out.  Spoiler alert, a guy in SILICON VALLEY.

AliBaba just put a ton of money into app-search engine Quixey.  $50 million.  First, that’s an important move, so watch them further.  Second, that shows an interest in app discovery, which may make the market hotter (relevant or not). #WowALotOfMoney

Lockheed-Martin furloughed 3000 workers due to the US government shutdown.  I’m sure we’ll be posting more if this drags on, so keep watching the layoffs. #DamnThatsBad

There’s a new financial scandal on the horizon dealing with foreign market manipulation.  Yeah, just what we need now.  This is LIBOR-level and could be another blow to the world economy and trust, so . . . yeah this is a depressing roundup. #ReallyAgain

– #StevenSavage