Link Roundup 11/5/2013

Crowdfunding a manhunt for Joseph Kony?  It may happen even if this sounds like a TV plot.  This could put the ethical and political issues of crowdfunding further into the public spotlight.  Meanwhile some people just wonder why they thing they Kickstarted folded.

Why aren’t students ready for the job search?  The Dunning-Krueger effect of not knowing how ignorant you are.  A good reminder if you’re on the job search or talking to someone about theirs . . .

Mark Duffy would reccomend your friends shouldn’t go into Social Media as he thinks Social Media managers are . . . kinda stupid.  This has been going around today.

There is now a book on the history of Minecraft.  Really, you’re going to buy it.  So  . . . yeah.

In Silicon Valley or thinking of living there?  In the tech scene?  China is buying it’s way into Silicon Valley.  This gives them the chance to expand and get outside their current market.  I think this’ll be continuing for awhile (though I am concerned that Chinese banking problems may affect it).

Brand journalism and content marketing is here to stay says Laurie Rutterman.  Thoughts worth reading, especially if you’re in media.

Commuting alone?  That’s becoming the norm – which could lead to a push for more public transport.  Also, it is kinda lonely.

Amazon is leaping into original series.  Let’s get our popcorn for the Amazon-Netflix-Whoever-Else battle.  This could get very intriguing – and spawn some jobs.  Of course the fallout can kill some since not everyone can win . . .

– Steven “Linkstorm” Savage