Indie Haven Kickstarter Weekly #11


We missed an entry last time due to craziness, but the IndieHaven Kickstarter Roundup is back!  Thanks to Adam Ward for putting this together, and let’s see what’s out there . . .

Pakka Pets – Funding Goal: $20,000
Proto Games

Admittedly, I tend to shy away from mobile games, (it’s a conversation for another time) but as someone who grew up during the early 90s and owned a Tamagotchi, I couldn’t resist the cuteness that is Pakka Pets. Proto Games is looking for $20,000 to craft this mobile pet adventure game.

Like Tamagotchis before it, Pakka Pets bestows the responsibility of taking care of a little creature that will poop everywhere. Kind of like a baby, only you can’t ignore it because it’s on your phone. By playing and caring for your pet, they will evolve and development into new creatures with new problems and probably more poop. Backers can score the game for only $10 and have until Feb. 6 to do so.

“Pakka Pets sends a rush of 90s nostalgia to my dark generation Y heart.” – Adam

Project Rain World – Funding Goal: $25,000
Rain World

Slugcat’s gonna Slugcat amirite? The cuteness of this volume of Kickstarter Weekly continues with what I’m sure would be the most evil adorable creature to ever exist. In Project Rain World, players control a Slugcat, a creature looking to survive by any means necessary, including platforming. Rain World (?) contains all sorts of dangers including a lack of food and acid tripping alligator eels.
Using his slug-cat reflexes, players must maneuver through countless levels. For $25, gamers can land the game and an early access code.

“Like I said, Slugcat’s gonna Slugcat. Now back this game.” – Adam

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians– Funding Goal: $600,000

Any time an industry veteran joins a Kickstarter, it’s kind of a big deal. Yasumi Matsuno, along with developer Playdek is spearheading a new tactical RPG, reminiscent of some of Matsuno’s previous work. If you don’t know, Matsuno is the man behind critically acclaimed and fan favourite games Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story.

Any time someone like Matsuno tackles a project, it means big things for the video game industry, and for an indie game studio to land someone of his calibre is impressive. Slow clap for you Playdek.

Unsung Story carries an overlapping timeline sprawled across the ravaged history of Rasfalia and will be delivered episodically to backers. Each episode will see players take a different point of view in the Seventy Seven Years’ War.

Players will build their front and back lines by combining different professions, classes and various groups. These include the clergy, nobles, and pioneers.

Unsung Story closes Feb. 14 and costs an affordable $20.

“Matsuno RPG… Nuff said!” – Adam