Kickstarter Weekly #13


[Thanks to Adam over at Indie Haven for the post!]

This week potential backers are treated to a space shooter and a blast from the past in a 2D cult classic.

Wayward Terran Frontier – Funding Goal: $50,000
George Hultgren

Imagine being in space, and fighting things. Do it. Oh and everything around you is 8-bitty. Some sort of 8-bit dimension in space and you’re a captain. Yeah… yeah a captain. I smell an awesome buddy cop film brewing here.

Anyways, Wayward Terran Frontier at its core is a “space trader, exploration based, action roleplaying game”. The action part comes in the form of shooting at other space ships, with your furry bear companion. Damn this is turning into an awesome buddy cop film. Developer George Hultgren crafted an in-depth customization system that gives players full control over ship design, inside and out.

Hultgren is looking for $50,000 by Feb. 15. It won’t cost backers too much to get the game either, about $15. Alright, it’s exactly $15. Making legible sentences is hard guys.

“Wayward Terran Frontier is a space odyssey I would bet my money on.” – Adam

“Also, keep your eyes out for my Kickstarter for the Wayward Terran Frontier inspired movie about a smug captain and his furry bear companion, who fight off an oppressive government and win all the ladies and ladybears.” – Adam

La-Mulana 2 – Funding Goal: $100,979

There’s always something nostalgic when a game from the past resurfaces on Kickstarter with new life. There’s something even more nostalgic when that game is developed by the original team. This explains the $100,000 raised thus far by NIGORO for the sequel to their cult hit La-Mulana.

Admittedly I’ve never heard of La-Mulana. Call it ignorance, or call it… I don’t know, something else! I like to blame living in the frigid north that is Canada. So let’s run with that. La-Mulana is a 16-bit 2D platformer first made in 2006. A remake of that title was released with a more modern aesthetic in 2011 on WiiWare.

From what I can tell, the game is kind of like Tomb Raider, with a lot more Murica and Japan(ica?)! NIGORO is hoping to make a true sequel to the original, one that both fans and newcomers can enjoy.

“You don’t need to have played the prequel!” NIGORO said.

For $12, backers get a Steam and DRM-digital code.

– Adam Ward