Update 1/11/2014

You may have noticed an affiliate bar at the top.  That’s because a group of friends and I decided to work together as an alliance of sites, Crossroads Alpha.  The idea is to pool talent and knowledge, network sites, and work together in a way that compliments each other.

We’d been discussing ways we could support each other for awhile.  Each of us had our own sites (comics, games, creativity and careers), and we’d also experienced running websites.  So the idea is to team up, share knowledge, build an alliance, and help people connect to useful sites.

In the case of MuseHack, of course, this is the career/applied geekery part of our alliance.  It’ll be useful for other careerists and hopeful careerists to have a place to come to, and those that can share career advice have a place to post.

As for regular MuseHack users, it means sites that can help with your careers – in this case comics and indie games, but there’s going to be more coming I’m sure.  Both Comics Bulletin and Indie Haven have their professional elements – of and they may need people to post and work with too . . . great for your career . . .

It’s actually yielded a lot already – on my end it’s let me dive back into some technical areas and plan to recruit for MuseHack here.  So stay tuned . . .

– Steven Savage