Update 2/23/2014

Well wish I had more to report, but last week, despite the vacation, became a real time sucker.  So what’s been up?

  • The Next Book formatting is almost done or is close.  It looks really good, but I want to be careful as it’s nearly 300 pages – and I want to look over the ebooks as well.  Still aiming end of March.
  • Crossroads Alpha‘s recruiting drive went well.  If you want to write for any of the sites, let me know!  Be sure to visit, we just added Psycho Drive In!
  • I really have not done much with Seventh Sanctum because of my schedule, but am still kicking around some new generator ideas – I really want to get to something with plot twists or writing prompts, but we’ll see.  Also thanks to “Guardians of the Galaxy” I am thinking of silly generators for Bad Ass Animals like Rocket Raccoon (“Howitzer Hyena! Bomb Budgie!”) or SF hero titles like Star Lord (“Planet Protector!  Galaxy Queen!”) – though that might be useful.

On top of this I’m also working to finish a certification.  So yeah, it’s a bit nuts, but I think I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.