Steve’s Next Book – An Update To Fan To Pro – And a Thank You

Remember how this blog inspired a book on geeky jobs, called “Fan To Pro”?  Well thanks to you readers, and my staff, and my friends, there’s an update.

Introducing Fan To Pro’s second edition: “Fan To Pro: Leveling Up Your Career Through Your Hobbies.”

This is a huge update of the original book (which, yes, is going out of print). Huge chunks were rewritten or expanded. A lot of new information gained over the four (!) years since I wrote it were included. Resources were updated. Chapters were newly organized and categories, and helpful checklists were added. Bigger, more focused, and going into more depth than it’s predecessor, it’s my way to help you in your geek careers.

The best part of it, in my opinion, is how the book is organized. Each chapter sums up what you’re going to learn, follows that rough pattern, then gives you a list of takeaways and resources/next steps. Each chapter is almost standalone, and I think it’ll let people take away the right lessons and apply them. I’m very curious how these lessons can be applied in other writing – and some of it has found its way into my current blogging.

So go on, take a look, spread the word, pester me for a review copy, and enjoy. I hope it helps you and yours in the years to come.

Oh, and as a special celebration, look for something coming soon . . .

– Steven Savage