Boost The Signal: Roundup

We want better technology, better books, and more.  It seems like criticism of what’s out there doesn’t help.  What if we try to promote good works and Boost The Signal?  A look at how you can help out.

  • Boost The Signal – Want to see better technology, comics, and movies?  Boost the Signal for good works.  The basic philosophy of the series.
  • Be The Ambassador – Want to Boost the Signal on someone and their works?  You need to be an Ambassador.
  • The Basics – Ways to help Boost The Signal most anyone can do.
  • Advanced – Ready to take it further?  Here’s a way to real dive into helping someone get seen!
  • The Professional – A fellow professional?  Here’s how to use your professional abilities to help someone’s work you want to promote.
  • The Hate Is Built In – It seems critique of media or technology and so on doesn’t work – is it possible because our hate of lousy stuff is built into culture?


– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach.  He blogs on careers at, publishes books on career and culture at, and does a site of creative tools at He can be reached at