Steve’s Update 3/9/2014

Apologies again for the limited updates. A lot’s been going on.

I’ve been working on a job change, and my stepfather just passed away, on top of the usual business. At this rate I’d like to discuss a lot of things in detail, but I’m actually too tired. Well, jet lagged – I got caught in all that mess due to the weather.  Oh and it’s daylight savings time.

My stepfather’s funeral was respectful and positive The guy was full of stories and everyone had a story about him – the man is his own memorial. He’s someone to emulate.

I’m hoping now to actually be doing more here, so stay tuned. I just now have a wedding (not my own) coming up . . .

I am now discussing my next books (yes, books) with people, as I’ve now got enough ideas and mojo going to get going. Well, post-wedding.

Yeah.  I need a break.

– Steven Savage