Baltimore, Ferguson, And More

Watching the protests and the riots in Baltimore, I speculate “what’s next?”

We see it again and again. A black man killed or fatally wounded by police. Protests. Riots. Ignorant Pundits. Too little change, or no change.

People being angry. Angry, and then the next one happens, the next death.

Over and over,I ask “what’s going to happen here?” People are fed up, there are clearly a large amount of deaths that don’t have to happen and keep happening. Hashtags of the last victim light up my Twitter feed.

But it doesn’t feel like anything is changing. Yet.

WHat gnaws at me is the feeling that “yes, something will happen, something will change, something big” but I don’t know hat it is. I feel like the future of these things is more and more unpredictable. I feel that something will, must happen, inevitably, but I don’t know what it is.

It can’t stay the same. THe anger is real, has been real for a long time, if ignored by a lot of America (says the straight white guy). The deaths are shameful and blatant. The awareness of problems is increased with camera phones and video feeds and Twitter and email.

I just wish I could come u with a theory, even some halfassed arrogant one created from my position of privligege of what’s next.

And I can’t.

Maybe I shouldn’t, maybe we shouldn’t. No matter what we can or can’t predict we have problems to solve, people to help. Folks are hurting. We have to make an effort.

But some of me thinks if we could get an idea of what’s coming, wed be much better off.

Some of this we’ve never seen before. Some of this, some of this has been seen over and over again for far too long.


– Steven Savage