Ennead Games Is Looking For Contributors!

Ennead Games is looking for blog contributors.

As a designer I’m running out of time to work on both my blog and the publishing side of things, so I need your help.
Most of us have the urge to try to get something published on the net at some point, or just get exposure for our own previously published work.

What I’m looking for is contributors for the blog. This blog was orignially planned to be a resource for both designers, stroytellers and and roleplayers for all genres. A combination of bad health, multiple family deaths and work-load has seen this fall by the wayside and I’m trying now to correct this , hopefully with your help. All contributions will of course be credited to the author. Think of it as a platform for showing off your work and ideas.

The type of contributions I’m looking for :

  • Random Generator
  • Articles
  • Short Stories
  • Artwork
  • Posts about anything you may find within a gameworld, such as equipment, spells, NPC, races etc

The main genre is fantasy/medievil, but other grenres, espically science fiction, is welcome.

If this is something you are interested in doing, then please get in touch via contact@enneadgames.com