Steve’s Update 5/16/2015

Sorry it’s been a bit of a busy week, so updates are a bit late.

First of all, there’s the Magic Power Generator – my latest creation at Seventh Sanctum. It’s for magic that’s more like a Superpower – common in anime and video games. Thus you have not so much spells, but a set of abilities like “Dance Magic” or “Eternal Emerald Enchantment.”

What made it interesting is there’s an “Artistic” option to produce alliterated results like “Ancient Air Alchemy.” That required me to try different forms of data sorting and classification, which taught me a few lessons I can use to make future generators. Most valuable was how to use some of my code, and an Excel spreadsheet, to quickly generate data structures.

I also just did an analysis of a local Wrtiers’ group I attend, and how their method of combining social and creative times can be extended. Check it out over at Muse Hack.

I’m really coming to the end of Way With Worlds. Some intermittent ones may follow afterwards, but I think I’ve gotten close to finishing the rewrite. Then again, this is me, so who knows . . .

I just spoke at PMI Silicon Valley on using LinkedIn. This is going into my regular speaking offerings, so if you want to hear about using LinkedIn to get noticed – and get beyond LinkedIn 101 – let me know! I might want to record this, but probably don’t have the time.

On top of this, I’m also starting work on two books, one is on anime and culture and is still formative, the other is a Project Management Book – I’m looking to do one as a collaborative effort, so it depends on if I get enough collaborators.

The Way With Worlds compendium and the anime book probably won’t be done until sometime in 2016. The PM book I hope to finish this year.

Whew, quite a lot to write. So how are you doing?


– Steven Savage