Sailor Moon Book Update


The Sailor Moon book, on female fans in North America, proceeds apace.  More and more interviews as always – we’re about 2/3 where I want to be, so I expect we’ll be doing these into October.

Even at this stage, the major themes are very clear, so Bonnie and I need to review the structure in a month or so.  What’s actually surprising is the lack of surprises at times – how certain patterns pop up again and again (no, not spoiling yet, I want to get further on).  There’s some larger phenomena in this fandom that are worthy of exploration – something we hope this book will encourage.

We haven’t done as much historical research lately and probably need to do more – but we’re getting some good information from our interviews, including fan history.  Sites that vanished or reappeared, impacts of shutdowns, and so on.  I hope we can present a pretty good timeline as part of the book.

My latest schedule review still puts us at releasing a little under 12 months from now, so you still have to wait, but we will probably create a great gift for Christmas 2016 . . .


– Steven Savage