Activities For The Civic Geek: Cosplay For Good

If you can make costumes, if you can cosplay, if you can slip into a role, wouldn’t it be great to use those skills to do good.

Lots of cosplayers already do. They attend events in character, provide skills, raise money, and even visit children in full costume. So why not you and your friends?

It could be something as simple as holding a charity drive or selling off old costumes. It could be as complex as having a group of “superheroes” (played by you and your friends) visit children in need. It could be some kind of amazing event people haven’t even dreamed up yet.

Cosplay, costuming, crafting, acting are all skills that you can do a lot with. Just imagine the possibilities . . .

. . . actually to help you here’s a few organizations to take a look at for ideas or to get involved.  I’m sure there’s many, many more out there.

Charitable Work (Inside The US)

  • Cloud City Garrison – Famous for many events, cosplay is just one thing they do.
  • Heroes Alliance – Cosplayers who use their skills for charity and community events.

Charitable Work (Outside the US)

  • Cosplay For Charity – A belgian cosplay group that attends and helps with charitable events.
  • Pause For a Cause – A singaporean cosplay group involved in charity events as well as other ventures.