Activities For The Civic Geek: Start A Group

Want to do something for your community? Found a group, club, or organization for people like you and bring folks together.

Communities are made up of smaller communities, or make up larger communities. If you want to do something to be a civic geek, then go and found your own community. Find something that should exist and found a group, club, or organization.

Try “scratching your own itch” and ask yourself what should exist. Does your area need a writer’s group? Does your area need a gathering for cosplayers? Are you looking for a good group to play video games with? Find something you want then go found it.

It’s not particularly hard – I recommend as a great starting point, but you can do it through many forms of social media. Go on, find what’s needed, gather your friends, and make something.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. But as is often noted you don’t know until you try – and you can always see what it’ll evolve into.