Activities For The Civic Geek: Support Industry Veterans

Sometimes the people that are vital to our geeky communities hit hard times.  Rally to help them out.

We’ve all seen sad stories of people that were foundational in our geekery.  The great artist who has a tough time.  The great author who’s in a health crisis.  Many people who were vital but now forgotten having hard times.  As geeks, we can help.  These are people that made our world, our industry, our media.  When they have financial troubles, we can chip in as civic geeks.

What you can do varies by industry, industry awareness, and more, but a few things you can try:

  • Some professions have organizations to raise money for industry veterans in need.  You can always donate.
  • For organizations helping out veterans in need, some do various charity events.
  • If a famous veteran has a problem, perhaps your group, club, convention or guild can raise a fundraiser.

What you can do, who’s helping, and how you can help varies.  I’d like to see more organizations supporting veterans of geeky media, like the one below.  Then again maybe you’ll found one . . .



  • The Hero Initiative – Being in comics can be a tough road, and this organization helps support comics creators in need.