Link Roundup 11/13/2015

Returning to my link roundups of links relevant to career, life, and more.

Russian Metrojet flight 9268 does look like a victim of a bomb.  What makes me wonder is why no one took credit.  I am to say the least not trusting Russia or Putin, so wonder what the global impact of this is and who was trying to do what with this bombing – and that of course is if this IS a bomb and not just a misreading.

The University of Santa Barbara digitized 10,000 old wax cylinders.  A wonderful piece of historic preservation and civic geekery.

I’m skeptical of the ad-driven economy idea.  Now that the Economist employed anti-anti-adware service Pagefair, and found it was used to spread Malware, I’m more cynical.  On the other hand this probably creates a few new career possibilities in security, ads, analysis, and snarky news commentary.

The new EC policies on Hyperlinks could make you liable for what you link to.  Needless to say they’re awful and we need to keep an eye on this.

Oh and the “Snooper” policy in the UK is going to raise internet costs.


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