Steve’s Update 11/29/2015

Hey all, here’s the latest of what’s up with me!

Sailor Moon Book – Chapter 2 is written – and it was still challenging.  My co-author and I are each writing chapters separately and then exchanging them to edit, so I look forward to her feedback and reading her chapter.  In my case #2 covered the impact of having a show that was unabashedly about women and unabashedly femminine, which revealed some additional subtleties I hadn’t considered – such as the fact the characters were also “normal” increasing the impact.

Next Generator – I finished the breakdown of the Reality Show Generator.  This was an attempt to do actually do a full analysis before writing a complex generator – and apply what I learned not to do during the Plot Twist generator.  The analysis was incredibly useful and I will begin working on the generator next.  The issue?  It was boring, though it worked really well.  Maybe I just need to perfect my techniques.

Creativity Book – The Creativity Book is being moved into edited format now, and I expect to get it to friends and editors in the next week or two.  It’s a challenging write, but it’s one that’s really going to be worth it – because I think I managed to sum up my creative theories and coaching ideas in one small book.  If you find yourself unable to talk to fellow creatives, or in a rut, or wanting to create differently, this one is definitely for you.

Way With Worlds – The book(s) are back from one of my pre-readers, and pre-reading ends tomorrow.  Time for me to do an editing sweep, line up my editor, and line up my cover artist, as well as put it in front of my writing group.    Still aiming to publish both in the summer as well – but not at the same time.  It’ll be one then the other a month or two later, as well as some followup.

Well that’s it.  How’s everything on your end gang?

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