Steve’s Update 12/6/2015

Sorry for not being as chatty lately – you know how it goes.  Holidays and all!  So let’s get an update.

  • The Sailor Moon book is now in the process of writing – in fact I’m on to chapter 5 and my co-author is working on chapter 4 this week.  We expect to have the book in editable format end of January.  Then of course there’s the EDITING part . . . still not gonna finish until fall of 2016 I’m afraid.
  • Way With Worlds came back from pre-readers and this month I’m integrating the feedback – THEN it goes to the editor, who gets to work on it for about two months.  That way I take a break and work on a few related things I’m keeping under my hat.
  • My book on Creative Paths is in pre-reading stage and goes to editor soon.  That should be out in January.
  • The Reality Show Generator is something I plan to return to (hopefully this week) so I can get that done!.
  • I need to upload the complete “bookified” Civic Geek book.  It’s ready, I just . . . uh really didn’t get to it.  Sorry.  Between the holidays and trying to enjoy an actual vacation I could have done more.

Whew, guess I’m pretty busy (and sort of glad that everything will be at editor/in editing come March).  Next time, not gonna pile so much on . . .

– Steve