Update: The Power Of Creative Paths

So I’ve not talked about this much here, but now it deserves it’s own post – because my first Seventh Sanctum inspired book is coming up – and it’s not Way With Worlds (which is going to editor in a bit, more later).

It’s called “The Power Of Creative Paths,” and it’s a book on how people come up with Big Ideas – specifically, the five different ways that they do it.  This is the one I’ve called “The Creativity Book” because . . . OK to be fair I didn’t have a good name yet.

Working on Generators, talking to people, I tried to formulate a way to understand how people created – and came up with a theory that there’s five basic creative types – Creative Paths as I call them.  Like any path, people “travel” it to get somewhere and find something – a Big Idea.  The thing is we’re often on different paths than others and don’t know it – or don’t realize they’re stuck on one path and would do well to try others or they aren’t working well with others.  Sometimes both.

So the book focuses on knowing which Path you’re usually on, practicing getting onto others, and figuring out how to work best with people based on your current or preferred path.  Of course it contains plenty of exercises and hands-on stuff to do, so you can really get to trying out the different Paths!

Right now it’s off at the editors, so stay tuned!

  • Steve