Update – Sailor Moon Book!

Well here’s the latest update on the Sailor Moon Book . . . the research phase is done!

. . . this is not exciting as it sounds.  First, because we’re not doing an in-depth historical book so it’s pretty basic.  Secondly, most information on Sailor Moon is limited, biased, or piecemeal.  The best sources for discussing the experience were Sailor Moon Reflections and Warriors of Legend – both of which ironically focused on aspects of Sailor Moon different from our focus.  Go figure.

The biggest surprise so far seems to be the ill-explored history of Magical Girls.  Everyone traces it back to Sally the Witch, but Sailor Moon seems closer to Princess Comet (the manga, not the 2000’s anime based on it), but there’s really little on that series.  Probably worth revisiting.

Meanwhile Bonnie finished editing the entire book, and integrated new interviews, so now I’m taking this week to do an editing run.  As the book itself is roughly 120-140 pages that’ll go pretty quick.  In fact, I’m rather glad it’s not voluminous – it’s got a friendly, intimate feel.  It’s like a documentary or series of con panels s a book, and we’ve kept a bit of an informal feel inside the formal organization.

Once I do that pass it’s time for her and I to sit down and read it together – then it goes to prereaders and contributors.

Still not dropping until September or so – sorry folks, we want this done right.  But if we can accelerate it . . .

  • Steve