Civic Diary 8/8/2016

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Another brutal week – busy at work and got sick on top of that.  The illness meant . . . I ended up missing that big political meeting I’d been looking forward to.  But still keeping at it.  So here’s what’s been up.

  • Once I realized I was ill, I signed up for a GOTV event I’d been looking at anyway, and informed one of my contacts about my situation.  The event I signed up for is at a political headquarters I’ve visited anyway, so it gives me some foundation.  I found it by simply paying attention to my political emails and finding my candidate (Hillary, as you may guess) was having a GOTV event.  Never discount candidate sites.
  • There’s also a local club I’m part of, so I’ll try to work that into my regular schedule.
  • I’m rolling the GOTV event into another social event as I found someone I know was going anyway.  That’s something I never considered, and now the idea opens up a lot of possibilities – it’s probably more fun and builds better connections.
  • I’ve donated of course.  Money always helps, of course.
  • Still haven’t written my reps lately, which I noticed is a bad habit I’m getting into – I read the news but I respond less.  Maybe you can get too busy looking at the news and too little responsiveness.
  • As for the news, just damn, there’s so much to keep track of lately.  I’m going to need to dial it back on my news obsession.


– Steve