A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Avenoth

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Let’s get to know more about the setting of my upcoming novel, A Bridge To The Quiet Planet.

Avenoth is the star around which Telvaren and its sister worlds orbit. It’s a g-class star, analogous to our own sun, if slightly larger. It is orbited by the following planets, from closest to furthest from the sun:

  • Maladon – A rapidly spinning rocky world close to the sun. There was a failed attempt to visit it out of geologic curiosity, but the voidship was lost.
  • Gellitar – A semi-arid world first reached in 200 BR. Gellitar was arguably the site of the first Bridge, as primitive as it was. Initially a curiosity, it was colonized officially pre-war, forming the major city of The Barrow.
  • Telvaren – Homeworld of humanity and arguably the gods of Avenoth. Telvaren sports one major continent and one (previously two) minor continents. It is the most technically, magical, and theologically advanced of humanity’s worlds and the most populous of the worlds. It survived the great War, where power consolidated – and was wrestled away – by the Twelve Great Cities. It has one moon.
  • Godsrest – Godsrest has an orbit at a different angle than most of the worlds around Avenoth. it is the grave-world of the gods, where they go to die to avoid affecting the minds of their followers and the world. Godsrest was “theoformed” aeons ago.
  • Lindhaem – The second world reached by humanity. Lindhaem is a world known for its hospitable environment – nearly equal to Telvaren if slightly colder – but hostile life forms and diseases. It was rapidly colonized during the War, but this led to a variety of factions, minor nations, and political chaos. The planet’s government is in Dawn’s Approach, but it’s sister city of Corvallion wields considerable economic power. It has one moon, Roshnak, which appears to be a separate planet captured ages past.
  • Pandemonium – Formerly a world known as The Eye, it’s a world of extremes, with areas of cold, heat, and unusual geologic activities. Near the end of the War the majority of Demon Royalty and the Emperor were exiled here as an easier solution to mass battles against the poisonous creatures.
  • Iskomal – A gas giant with multiple moons, some of which are colonized. However no moon is habitable without technology, sorcery, or divine intervention.
  • Final Gleam – The last known planet in the solar system, it’s a frozen world of strange crystals.

There are various rumored other worlds, including lost planets, hidden ones, or even a complete parallel Telvaren on the other side of Avenoth.

– Steve