Steve’s Update 12/23/2019

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A few big announcements!

We’re heading for Christmas, so let’s round up.

Fair warning, not gonna do much blogging this week for obvious reasons! Also I know I’ve not spread my posts across all my sites – I do hope to correct that. Life has been hectic.

Now, where are we?

So what have I done since last time?

  • Way With Worlds: The Gods and Deities Book’s draft is done!
  • Chance’s Muse: Is out! You can get it at at this link! I also need reviewers!
  • A School Of Many Futures: Chapter 4 is nearly done (plus I have stuff written past that).
  • Seventh Sanctum: Taking it easy right now, but am setting up new update plans for next year – I want to streamline it, use some new code, etc.
  • General: Holiday preparation.

What’s next?

  • Way With Worlds: I’m going to edit it and get it off to my editor. Now if all goes well it’ll be out early in the new year!\
  • A School Of Many Futures: Finish Chapter 4 and do more replotting, as well as get some editing in. Let’s see if the holiday is kind to me . . . or if I just play videogames.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Nothing right now!

Steven Savage